Anne Spurzem: You Have Been Warned

Here at Vintage Smith, I try to keep an even temper. However, I’m not past putting anyone on notice. This week, that person is Anne Spurzem, the President of the Smith Club of Westchester County, who wrote a letter to The Sophian that can only be described as hateful, confused, bigoted and just plain mean. To read it, go here

In these pages, I showcase the pieces of Smith College’s past that make us proud to hail from such a unique community. Sometimes it’s about Hilda Yen, the famed aviatrix who dedicated her career to teaching flight in China. Sometimes it’s about how one photo can encapsulate the bond felt by so many alums. Sometimes it’s about finding the perfect pair of saddle shoes circa 1949. 

I was hoping some of you wonderful readers could pass along a message to Ms. Spurzem, telling her why you’ve been proud to call Smith home at one time or another. 

I write all of this as a white, heterosexual alum who occasionally wears pearls, who accepted much-needed financial aid, who plans on giving to her school annually, and who hails from one big Lesbian family

Please let Anne Spurzem know how much we love Smith College. Her email address is: [redacted, see below] and I think she needs to hear from you. 

UPDATED to add: this evening, the SGA Diversity Committee Chair Mac Hamilton contacted me, asking if I would take down Ms. Spurzem’s contact information. I would love for you to continue the conversation in a meaningful way online. If you are in the Northampton area, there will be a public forum tomorrow night

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    I have just written Ms. Spurzem a letter and contributed a donation to Smith College. This alum’s disgraceful regard for...
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    From a Moho to Smithies everywhere: hell fuckin’ yes. [And because the Anne Spurzems of Mount Holyoke exist as well,...
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    I HAVE ALL THE PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD WITH THAT PARAGRAPH (and all the preceding paragraphs).
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    ugh. This is NOT Smith.
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    Bryn Mawr College student, and this letter has seriously offended me. You don’t pick on any
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    letter is seriously fucked up embarrassed
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    Hah, this woman. “I...wealthy, upper-class students
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    Oh my god, that letter is horrid. Ms. Spurzem, you are a piece of work.
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    The Sophian asks anyone wishing to comment on the letter to the Editor from this week to do so through their own letter...
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